Get prepared for the slopes!

The snow is falling in Europe so there’s still time to fit in another quick skiing holiday before the season ends. However, to make the most of your time at the resort, you need to prepare before you go, don’t let aching muscles after one day on the slopes leave you as a spectator.  We would always advise our medical conditions travel insurance customers to book a course of Pilates classes to prepare their body for skiing. 

  Skiing makes such different demands on the body; you really do need to prepare and Pilates is ideal, it works on your core strength and flexibility, which helps with balance and control, all really important when skiing.

Another great exercise for skiing is yoga, particularly at the beginning and end of a day’s skiing, it helps warm up the muscles before you start skiing and correctly warms them down at the end of the day, the warming down of muscles is equally as important as warming up, which many people don’t realise.
The other obvious thing to remember about a skiing holiday is to make sure you have the correct travel insurance policy, if you are taking part in skiing, snowboarding or any winter sports make sure you have a specific winter sports travel insurance policy and check the activity you are going to be taking part in is covered.

For example, activities such as heli-skiing or off piste skiing may not be covered as standard, but generally you can cover these activities by paying an additional premium. Should you require cover for a medical condition you can also buy specific medical condition travel insurance policies such as cancer travel insurance and diabetic travel insurance policies, which include cover for winter sports.
Interestingly, some travel companies have spotted that there comes a point when many skiers lose interest in the alcohol fuelled après-ski activities and look for something healthier.Yoga seems to be the answer, and ski and yoga retreat holidays are now being organised. That will add an air of serenity to the usual hectic mountains in ski season!

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