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Bury St Edmonds market trader raises thousands for charity

A father-of-two from Bury St Edmonds has managed to raise thousands for a cancer charity by bravely having his hair shaved off next to his tool and hardware market stool.

On the last Saturday before Christmas, Geoff Hunt, a 53 year-old market trader, decided to shave his hair ahead of losing it through chemotherapy, following his recent stomach cancer diagnosis.

As well as preparing for treatment, Mr Hunt decided it would be a good idea to collect money for the cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Support. “People were paying in all the time as they were walking past when they saw it was for Macmillan, which I thought was lovely. Before I actually did it, I had people come up and give ten or twenty pounds.”

Geoff’s friend Michelle McGowan, a former hairdresser, was handed the shaver and trusted to give him his new look. Mr Hunt’s daughter Alexa and daughter-in-law Brogan were also there lending their support.

Mr Hunt said that he previously was ‘shell shocked’ to learn that he had developed stomach cancer, having beaten throat cancer just two years previously.

He stated: “it was like shell shock for me. I’m sure it is for other people as well when they’re told something like that. It’s very hard to comprehend.”

Hunt later added, “I’d just like to thank everybody for their support for a worthy cause. No one knows when they might need it.”

Over 7,300 people are diagnosed with stomach cancer in the UK each year, and symptoms can sometimes be confused with other minor medical conditions, especially at the festive time of year when people’s diet is more likely to change. Signs include persistent indigestion and heartburn, trapped wind, frequent burping, feeling very bloated after meals and persistent stomach pain.


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