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Dr Feelgood star, Wilko Johnson, outlives cancer prognosis

Wilko Johnson continues to outlive his original cancer prognosis after he was diagnosed with metastatic cancer last year, with tumours spreading to his pancreas, liver and stomach.


After being originally diagnosed at the end of 2012, Wilko Johnson was given only ten months to live after rejecting chemptherapy and alternative cancer treatments. But recently the musician has defied his doctor’s predictions and lived past his prognosis of October 2013 after doctors found a huge tumour in his stomach.

Music fans will be pleased to know that following on from their first hugely-successful collaboration, The Who musician Roger Daltrey has promised that should Wilko continue to survive his prognosis, fans should expect a second album from them both.

Roger Daltrey told the BBC: “He’s lost an awful lot of his body but he’s still here, which is one up from being dead.He’s getting out of bed and grunting, which is exhilarating for him, I’m sure. We look forward to him making a full recovery. It’s going to take a long, long time – but if he does, we’re going to make part two of the record we rushed out.”

In April, Johnson underwent radical stomach cancer surgery. He told GQ magazine that, “A friend of mine – who is both a photographer and a cancer doctor – became curious as to why I wasn’t dead. And why I wasn’t even sick.”

The operation included the removal of Johnson’s small and large intestines, including the removal and reconstruction of blood vessels that support the liver, and turned out to be a great success, with GQ reporting that “In this extraordinary development, Wilko has undergone an unprecedented operation that is nothing less than a reprieve of a death sentence”.

After receiving his diagnosis last year, Wilko spoke about his experience with cancer, stating, “I walked out of the hospital and felt an elation of spirit. You’re walking along and suddenly you’re vividly alive. You’re looking at the trees and the sky and everything and it’s just ‘Woah’”.

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