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Dubai Ski resort to start offering Snow-robics, fat-busting boot camp

The first indoor ski resort in the United Arab Emirates is set to open a monthly fat-burning boot camp.

You might be wondering how on earth tourists are expected to ski in Dubai without it being down a sand dune.

Well, Ski Dubai is a resort which allows even the most beginner skiiers to ski in real snow, in the middle of 30° outside heat. This isn’t just any indoor ski slope though. A lot of money was invested to help Dubai gain part of the skiing tourist market, so they built a grandiose mountain with a theme park and themed restaurants.

Focused on a customised 45-minute snow aerobic work out as part of a 30-day fitness plan, the class hopes to be geared at customer’s weight loss and complimented by a unique and memorable workout experience. To ensure maximum benefit and weight loss for their customers, participants will be weighed at the beginning and end of the four weeks to determine their weight loss whilst also being advised in regards to healthy meal plans and nutritional guidelines.

Ski Dubai announced the classes would be limited to 30 participants and focus on a high intensity circuit-training programme using one’s own body weight and other functional exercises, led by qualified and experienced instructors. On the Ski Dubai website, it states that “Guests are encourages to layer up and come prepared to partake in an intense, fat-burning session that will get their adrenaline pumping, leaving them invigorated for the rest of the day”.

The resort itself is used to hitting headlines, after becoming the first ever indoor ski resort in the Middle East, with a square coverage of 22,500m of real snow all year round, and slopes up to 85m high. It offers runs of varying difficulties, from nursery slopes to expert runs of 400m.
Inside, themed restaurants and resort quirks such as the Snow Cavern can entertain families and children alike.

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