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Doing more than just insurance (Part 2!)

At Insurancewith, we enjoy going above and beyond for our customers. We’ve previously written about how our products help people like you get away for those all-important breaks, but as we hit peak holiday season we thought it was important to show you where the £1 from every policy donation goes.
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Life after treatment: what happens next

One in seven people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer every single day but when those statistics become part of your personal reality, you’re thrown into the rollercoaster of working to get better, and have to deal with physical and emotional effects as an additional blow. And cancer doesn’t finish when the treatment does. Read more

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8 overlooked health benefits to having a pet

Owning a pet can have an extremely positive effect on your life as many of you well know. Helping to make any house a home, the familiar welcome as you return from work is a highlight of many an individual’s day. Read more

Travelling with cystic fibrosis

Travelling the world with Cystic Fibrosis

If you have cystic fibrosis or know someone with it, the thought of travelling the world for three months could be terrifying to them. How would you travel with that much medication? How can you be that far away from your local CF centre?

Truth is, travelling for that long is possible, providing that you’re organised beforehand. We’ve pulled together some of BethanyJay’s top tips for travelling with the condition: Read more

Insurancewith Out and About

The beginning of the year always brings around new plans, and more events and this year we have been busier than ever!

We started off on a frosty Monday morning in Windsor, helping the Berkshire Macmillan team with their pilot Living Beyond Cancer Day. Pilot schemes like this really help those currently going through or who have gone through a cancer diagnosis with getting life back to normal. Read more

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