Great new web site for information

I have recently found a fantastic new website called Totally Yours, which is a web-based directory of products and services targeting those living with disabilities and the older generation. The site has been created by Janet Welch, through her frustration of being unable to find suitable products and services for her 18 year old son who has severe physical and learning difficulties.

Janet found that searching on the internet could highlight useful websites, however she could also spend hours trawling the net, relying on an element of luck, to find what she needed. By creating Totally Yours, Janet has all the resources in one place, with a website which is really easy to navigate.  With over 6,000 web links on the site and growing every day, this website is a valuable and very much needed resource. There are links to holiday venues that have disability access and travel agents that arrange specific holidays, companies who arrange a huge variety of sports and activities for those with disabilities or learning difficulties, such as horse riding, canoeing, archery and the like. There is also links to travel insurance providers (such as Insurancewith) offering all range of specific policies such as cancer travel insurance, travel insurance for diabetes and medical conditions travel insurance.

I am so glad that Janet has launched this site, and I really hope those who need it most can benefit by gaining access to this comprehensive database of useful information.

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