What is 1-2-1 medical screening?

If you have taken out an Insurancewith policy for cancer travel insurance this year you may have come across the term 1-2-1 medical screening and wondered what exactly this is.  Like most products on the market which offer travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions, we use a bespoke medical screening programme driven by a computer but experience tells us that many of our customers do not fit neatly into little tick boxes and so the outcome may not always be a fair reflection of the risk presented for cover. Read more

Don’t Get Done In The Sun

I was really pleased to be asked to take part in the above BBC program which was shown yesterday. The episode I was asked to take part in was about medical conditions travel insurance.  The program featured a case study of ours from the Daily Mail  featuring one of our customers, Rita.
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Travel Insurance that includes cancer cover

As many of you will know, Insurancewith was created after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was unable to find affordable travel insurance that covered cancer. And I said at the time Insurancewith would always be work in progress, we would carry on refining and updating our screening taking into account new treatments and the amazing strides the medical profession are making with cancer and survival rates.
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