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Welcome Home Greig!

We’ve been following Greig Trout on his adventures for little over a year now and although it seems like it was only yesterday when we notified you about Greig and his 101 Things to Do When You Survive mission, it’s been quite a year!

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

If you’re new to our blog and don’t know what all these blog posts featuring Greig are about, here’s a quick summary: Greig started the 101 Things To Do When You Survive list as a sort of anti-bucket list, hoping to give people suffering from cancer and other l illnesses ideas of things they can look forward to doing when they survive. Having had cancer twice himself, Greig understands what others are going through, and what they need to keep their mentality positive.

Greig’s visited South and North America, stopping by some of the world’s most incredible sights whilst also ticking off some incredible things on his anti-bucket list, giving valuable advice to those that tune in to each new chapter of his adventures, and inspiring thousands of us to help others and travel the world.

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

Photo courtesy of Greig Trout

Following on from our last blog, Greig had completed the gruelling AngelRide and raised a seriously impressive £2,945 ($5,000) for the Hole in the Wall’s Hospital Outreach Program, a program which helps children with terminal illness and provides them with joy, laughter and a sense of support and community in a time which can be scary, stressful and uncertain. He then went on to help out for a week at the Program’s summer camp – a camp designed for the seriously ill children that Hole in the Wall aim to help. After giving an amazing amount of piggy backs to the children who seemed to have an endless amount of energy. Greig found the camp inspirational to be helping at, as it provided patients with terminal illness with a place to learn to love each other, have fun and forget about your worries.

Greig is returning home this week, after thirteen and a half months on the road, and will be setting off to Australia in September – so a big welcome home to him, even if it is only for a bit.. Even though he’s had some amazing adventures throughout the past year and a bit, it will be good for Greig to put his feet up, meet up with the friends who have had kids or are getting married, enjoy home comforts and plan the next year of his coming trip, which will include new challenges, new adventures and volunteering with other cancer organisations.

We will continue to sponsor Greig for the second leg of his journey in September with our longstay travel insurance, and can’t wait to follow his travels across the world, inspiring us to not only travel despite a cancer diagnosis, but to help others who want to do the same.



Posted on: Jul 29, 2014

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