A town with a beach in Sicily

The Most Accessible Places to Visit for Your Easter Break

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the ultimate destinations to tick off your list and one of the best times to visit just so happens to be in April – perfect for an Easter break! Rome has plenty of accessible bus tours where you can spot all of its main attractions for roughly €25 euros a day.

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A spa towel and candles
Citadel park in Barcelona

Best Accessible Destinations 2020

Going away should be something you look forward to, counting down the days until you’re relaxing in the sun with friends and family. However, when you have a chronic illness it can sometimes come down to what you want to do vs. what you can actually do. Holidays can be exhausting, stressful and inaccessible, so it’s important that when you are booking to go away, you’re going somewhere that you can manage and most importantly have an amazing time!

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A family at Christmas dinner
A couple eating in a café
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