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Holidaymakers offered goodwill gesture payment after daughter falls severely ill

When James Todd and Helen Ball decided to go on holiday to the all-inclusive Grupotel Mar de Menorca hotel in Spain, they weren’t expecting their holiday to turn out quite like it did.

As soon as they arrived until the very end of their holiday, the couple complained to the staff, and their holiday rep, about the appalling hygiene standards, which they hold to blame for their 17-month old daughter falling severely ill.

Brooke was ‘frightened and screaming’ as doctors fought to treat her diarrhoea and vomiting by attaching her to three separate drips.

James and Helen claim that the hotel staff used the same utensils to handle cooked and uncooked meat. Mr Todd comments, “The food was not cooked properly and I was constantly complaining to the holiday rep. The holiday went from bad to disastrous when Helen woke up just before midnight and found Brooke face down choking in her cot. We were up all night with diarrhoea and vomiting and then took her to hospital the following morning.”

“Brooke was taken into a room and the doctors tried several times to find a vein. She was frightened and screaming and did not know what was going on. After what seemed like a lifetime in hospital and being on three different drip bags, our little girl was allowed to leave but we were told to see her own doctor when we got home.” He added.

When the family observed later on, the chefs at the hotel later used different utensils and special gloves for handling raw meat, but it seems the damage had already been done.

Mr Todd added, “We were really stressed and traumatised by our holiday from hell experience. I’m not sleeping well at all as I’m scared something will happen and I have been waking up having nightmares.”

The family have been offered £130 ‘take it or leave it’ compensation from their package holiday company, but James has said his family want a full refund on the £1,200 holiday as well as compensation for having to eat out at cafes and restaurants instead of risking eating the hotel food again.

James and Helen’s story highlights the importance of taking out good quality travel insurance when travelling abroad. Food hygiene standards abroad are not always the same quality as you might find in the UK, and emergency medical expenses in a different country can run into the hundreds and thousands should you fall ill and need treatment without having a travel insurance policy.

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