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Important Information: Monarch Airlines

Monarch Travel Group ceased trading as of 4 am 2nd October 2017 due to their Atol License not being renewed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

For any passengers affected by the failure of the Monarch Group in the first instance you need to follow the advice of the CAA as per the following link: https://monarch.caa.co.uk/

For future bookings and those who have not travelled yet please click:  https://monarch.caa.co.uk/customers/i-have-a-future-booking-and-have-not-travelled-yet/

In addition, ABTA have given information for customers affected on https://abta.com/news-and-views/news/monarch-travel-group

If payment was made to Monarch Group by either a corporate or consumer credit card then after following the above instruction you should contact your merchant provider to submit a chargeback claim under the chargeback scheme. Payments made by Visa Debit card should also contact their bank to submit a chargeback claim.

Once all the above have been followed and you still need to submit a claim please check your policy for the Financial Failure cover, and then e-mail claims@affirmainsurance.com and you will be contacted with instructions as to the procedure to follow and the documents required for the claim submission.

Please advise any of your policyholders who are affected by the failure to following the instructions of the CAA and ABTA as well as submitting a chargeback claim.


Only after they have followed this instruction and feel they still have a claim they will then need to contact claims@affirmainsurance.com for instructions of the procedure to follow.

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