Have you ever forgotten your passport?

One in ten Britons forget their passport when they set off overseas for their sunshine holiday, a new report has revealed.

Many holidaymakers have confessed to failing to remember their airline tickets and hotel reservation details before heading to the airport to embark on their vacation.

When it comes to packing the holiday essentials, the division between the sexes has never been more apparent – the latest study has shown.

Looking cool on the beach is a priority for men, as a whopping 46% said they wouldn’t leave home without their sunglasses, whilst more than 67% of women said that sun cream is the top must-have holiday item. Surprisingly, both items come above underwear which was second in importance for men and women.

Swimwear was the third most essential item on the list for men, but footwear made it onto the list in third place for women.

However, whilst we are busy packing away what we think is most important, it seems that one in ten of us is inclined to forget some of the necessities of travel overseas – with some of us admitting to forgetting their passports. The vital document, which you need to go anywhere else but the UK on holiday, was the top most forgotten item by men (13% of them forgot this) and only 6% of women.

Whilst sunscreen, underwear and swimwear are important, it’s probably a good idea to create a checklist a few weeks before your departure date in order to remember everything – including your passport, hotel reservations, transport reservations and airline tickets.

Another thing that many people forget to pack is travel insurance. Travel insurance can help you when you find yourself in an emergency situation, often offering support in terms of advice and claims. If you’re travelling with a pre-existing medical condition, travel insurance is essential -travelling without could result in you falling ill abroad and being faced with a significant medical bill.

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