Thailand is the most popular travelling destination

Travelling to Asia remains number 1 in the top ten most popular travelling destinations, a recent survey has found.
People seem to know that travelling and Thailand tend to go together like bread and butter, and as a result, Thailand scores the top spot in many top destinations to travel to.

Whilst gap years are often associated with students and the breaks they take before heading off to secured university places or the Big Wide World of work, more and more older people are deciding to take years out of work to experience the travelling lifestyle. Some suggest this is down to the recent economic uplight, as many are finding that whilst they couldn’t afford to travel after university, now (a few years into working life) they have more disposable income and a higher wanderlust to travel to places they’ve always wanted to see.

Contiki’s survey found that 39% of those who travelled found that they felt the experience had had a positive effect on their work, enhancing their CV further, giving them more personal confidence and even giving them the opportunity to change career and work abroad or retrain in a different sector.

Thailand tends to top destination hotspots wherever you look, but for backpackers it’s a hot favourite. The main reason? Value for money.

Everything in Thailand is cheap. From accommodation to food, drink and things to do, Thailand just offers you incredible value for money. The average traveller can get by on about 400 to 600 Thai Baht a day (between £6-£10), an amount which covers basic food, accommodation, transport, although extra money is needed for booze binges and other activities popular amongst travellers.

Along with the incredible value for money comes the stunning  beauty of Thailand and it’s islands, with jungles, beaches and Asian temples so utterly unique from what travellers are used to back in the UK.

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