Travelling with Cancer

Travelling during holiday season can be draining at the best of times, but with a long-term condition like cancer, there’s a lot more to worry about and people can become overwhelmed. However, what many would look forward to as a time of joy, may become a disaster should something unexpected happen whilst out of the safety net of their local cancer services.

It is recommended that you discuss any travel plans with your doctor before you book a holiday abroad, as they will know the ins-and-outs of your individual situation and can advise you on any vaccinations you might be unable to receive, whether or not you will be considered fit to fly and any help needed in regards to treatment options.

Below are some tips and pieces of advice for those wishing to travel after experiencing cancer:

Plan ahead

Consult your GP

Research healthcare in your destination country

Sort out any necessary equipment, like oxygen and medications

Protect yourself in the sun

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