Every year travellers from the UK become ill whilst overseas due to diseases, bacteria and viruses which can be prevented through adequate vaccinations before departure from the UK. It’s important that you discuss any planned travel with your GP or consultant to ensure you have the correct vaccinations for your destination/s and about any continuing medication like anti-malaria tablets you may need.

Vaccinations may be an entry requirement for some countries, so check with the embassy or online about what injections you might need to have before you travel. If you visit the country without having the correct vaccinations, you may be refused entry past security and customs or required to have the vaccination there and then. It’s never too late to vaccinate yourself against these diseases, but some vaccines require a long time to take effect.

Please note that the guidelines below are not specific to any particular country but an idea of what immunisations to expect when you consult your GP about visiting your destination.

If you’re travelling to Africa:


If you’re travelling to Central Asia: (Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)


If you’re travelling to Eastern Asia: (Thailand, China, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia etc)

If you’re travelling to Australasia & Pacific:


If you’re travelling to the Caribbean:


If you’re travelling to Central America:


If you’re travelling to elsewhere in Europe or Russia:


 If you’re travelling to the Middle East:


If you’re travelling to North America:


If you’re travelling to South America:


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